Friday, November 26, 2010

Final painting of semester

This on the left is my final painting, and how I presented it as a series below. The two tiny paintings do work as part of a whole here but not sure if I wanna keep pushing with the 3d-ness. I'm thinking at least 4 more the same large square size for a complete series. During the critique someone mentioned the word celebration came to mind about my painting, which made me smile. I am at a celebratory phase in my life in way, so that made sense to me. Once again, truth comes out. I used to be depressed in high school and my palette back then totally showed in my art. Now, the picture is brighter. But I'm still fucked up too in a way. When my teacher asked what I'm seeking to do to the viewer specifically I said "Beautiful from afar, crazy energy up close." I think I'm doing that with these works.

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