Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Semester 2-Deeper experimentation=Deeper Struggles

This semester started with a longing to go back to a kind of lightheartedness that occupied my work before I started this abstract project this year. I looked back at my portfolios from the last 3 years and started to think up of ways to turn this into subversion. So I started doing research. My increasing interest in geometric shapes somehow led me to toile de jouy. Hmm...hunting scenes, lovers picnicing, grecian odes to life and art, I can see how this could be turned upside down and inside out! So I started with a green diamond pattern (what's left of it can be seen in the middle to upper parts of the painting) but then as I started my markmaking, I felt trapped by the representational nature of this subversive transformation and opted out of it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Final painting of semester

This on the left is my final painting, and how I presented it as a series below. The two tiny paintings do work as part of a whole here but not sure if I wanna keep pushing with the 3d-ness. I'm thinking at least 4 more the same large square size for a complete series. During the critique someone mentioned the word celebration came to mind about my painting, which made me smile. I am at a celebratory phase in my life in way, so that made sense to me. Once again, truth comes out. I used to be depressed in high school and my palette back then totally showed in my art. Now, the picture is brighter. But I'm still fucked up too in a way. When my teacher asked what I'm seeking to do to the viewer specifically I said "Beautiful from afar, crazy energy up close." I think I'm doing that with these works.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

she's supposed to be detoxing, I just hope she'll be ok, I'm waiting for her third album to come out! If I can paint as good as she sings, then all is well.

this is my final painting for Eliza's class for this semester. But I'm gonna be, maybe, doing bigger versions this winter break of these tinies.

this is my second painting for my class and the first of a series I decided. I use personal source material to create indistinct shapes. My paintings are all about a) color and b) energy. that's what matters to me the most.

brand new pastels, now the sticks are breaking one by one, but I took this when they looked like a fxcked up rainbow.
a drawing from my portfolio. Will keep posting new works. fluidy and...milky! ok starting to sound too excited! lol

Starting my blog!

I'm a painter, from Montreal, and thought I needed to share my works and stuff somewhere other than Facebook, so I'm here now. I recently started abstract painting, was not intentional, it's just where my process lead me...funny how that works sometimes! But I'm loving it. I paint in oil but occasionally in acrylic and love drawing also, especially in pastel.